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Spotify, Discord Services Return After Outages Cause Disruption

Both Spotify and Discord appear to be unavailable.

Both TechCrunchers and the Twittersphere are having trouble checking in to Spotify.

On Twitter, users are reporting that starting the Spotify app on mobile results in a login flow,

but even using the right username and password results in an unsuccessful attempt to log in.

On Twitter, the music streaming service verified the problem:

Discord has stated that it is also experiencing a problem with message delivery/receipt.

We’ve contacted Spotify and Discord to learn more about the problem and will provide an update whenever we hear back.

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Update: Spotify responded, essentially directing us to Twitter for updates. So we’ll keep an eye on Twitter.

Actual response:

We are aware of the problem and have provided an update on @SpotifyStatus. When everything have returned to normal, we will give another update.

Another update: At 2:39pm ET,About an hour after allegations that Spotify had gone down began to circulate, @SpotifyStatus tweeted that everything seemed to be back up and running.

Yet another update: Spotify confirmed to TechCrunch that they are currently investigating the fundamental cause of the problem, but that they have no reason to suspect it was caused by a hostile hacker.

Yep, another update: Discord is also coming back online, with a few straggling features.


Source: TechCrunch

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