Small changes make a big difference for a heart healthy Pancake Day

For a heart-healthy Pancake Day, small tweaks can make a significant impact.

With Pancake Day approaching on Tuesday, March 1, the charity Heart Research UK has issued some ideas on how to make it a healthy celebration.

Pancakes are traditionally made with flour, eggs, and milk and cooked in butter or oil. They can, however, be made healthful, flavorful, and nutritious with a few changes.

  • Select a flour high in fiber.

By substituting wholemeal flour for white flour in your pancake recipe

you may boost the amount of heart-healthy fibre in your pancakes.

To make excellent oat pancakes, whizz some high fibre, cholesterol-lowering porridge oats in a food processor.

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  • Select a heart-healthy oil.

Some people like to fry their pancakes in butter, however, butter contains saturated fats that can raise your cholesterol and increase your risk of heart disease.

Choose an unsaturated oil, such as rapeseed, vegetable, or sunflower oil, according to Heart Research UK. Fats and oils contain a lot of calories and should be consumed in moderation.

Make sure you just use enough oil to cover the bottom of the frying pan and that any excess oil is removed with kitchen paper before heating the pan.

  • Select a nutritious filling.

Sugar, syrups, chocolate, cream, bacon, and cheese are some of the most popular pancake fillings, however, they might be rich in fat or sugar. Consider fruit and low-fat yogurt with chopped nuts and no added sugar, smoked salmon, spinach, and low-fat cream cheese.



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