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Querétaro vs Atlas: Así nació la rivalidad entre las barras

Querétaro vs Atlas

The struggle for survival and the disregard for safety precautions were two of the detonators in a rivalry that resulted in Mexico’s worst football tragedy in 2022.

Both bars have met on at least three occasions, with disastrous results (FOTO: ISABEL MATEOS / CUARTOSCURO).

The rivalries in football are so intense that they have broken over the sporting barrier to become a hotbed of violence between people, a situation that has already reached the level of tragedy.

Querétaro y Atlas are dos equipos con un corto pero agresivo historial de peleas que no terminaron in cánticos y apoyo, sino que llegaron a los golpes y causaron que varias personas resultaron heridas graves y hasta fallecidas por esta desbordada pasión.

As it was on Saturday, March 5th, during the Grita X La Paz’s Jornada 9 match. It was minute 60 of the meeting when the devotees began to run in the grades.

The game went on despite the fact that the players were unaware of what was going on. However, a few minutes later, the game was called off due to an invasion of the field by Gallos Blancos and Zorro’s supporters. Some couldn’t stop throwing punches, while others tried to flee the haze of violence.

Querétaro vs Atlas

Officially, the Mexican football authorities, as well as the governors of the states involved, have reported no deaths, only 22 injuries, two of which are grave.

However, on social media, videos and photographs were shared that revealed anything but the truth, as a number of enthusiasts atlistas were discovered lying on the ground, some motionless, others completely ensangrentados. This tragedy has already been dubbed “Mexico’s Greatest Football Tragedy.”

Barra 51 vs. La Resistencia: From Descenso to Tragedy

The animosity between Querétaro and Atlas fans did not arise out of nowhere, but has a long history dating back to 2007. Los Gallos fought tooth and nail to avoid a defeat on the last day of the tournament. Su competitor? Atlas.

The rojinegros were not in danger of dropping out of the top division, but one thing was clear: defeat was not an option. That April 29th, the Jalisco Stadium celebrated the doblete with Nicolás Olivera envió to Querétaro to the extinct Primera A.

At the conclusion of the 2007 Clausura’s last meeting, both groups’ barracks: Resistencia Albiazul and Barra 51, found themselves outside the colossus and engaged in a fight that resulted in several injuries and detentions.

Aficionados did not see the cars until 2010, when the Gallos Blancos reclaimed their throne. In the first tournament of the season, the Corregidora witnessed a significant victory over the rojinegros, implying vengeance.

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However, the violence returned to the courts, leaving at least 30 people injured, with varying degrees of seriousness. Due to these events, the directors of both clubs took precautionary measures and agreed to deny visitors access to the bars, but this was forgotten with the passage of time.

Later, in 2013, they re-entered the fray to fight for the right to remain. Finalmente, el encuentro terminó con un amargo empate a cero, el cual representó un point de oro para los rojinegros, ya que con él se colocaban a la altura de Querétaro.

Followers of the Gallos gathered at Barra 51 with bottles, plates, and stones. Finally, the Jalisco police had to intervene. Several people were injured, and there were a few fires and explosions outside the stadium.

Not only has the Atlas been subjected to the violence of La Resistencia, but in 2017 they were apprehended on Bernardo Quintana Avenue while attempting to stab a member of the UNAM’s Pumas. Finally, in 2019, they became the targets of a new attack with Palos, stones, and bottles on Atlético San Luis fans at the Alfonso Lastras stadium.

Querétaro vs Atlas

All of the signs seemed to be there: a history of violence, a disregard for security measures, and a focus on business. These squabbles could probably have been avoided, but they didn’t, or couldn’t if they could. Now all that remains is to hope that the new Mexican football administration, as well as the authorities, use the full force of the law to this new tragedy caused by Querétaro fans.

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