One piece manga chapter full leaks 1045

One piece manga chapter full leaks 1045

Full text:
Chapter 1045: “Upper/Next Level”

COLORFUL COVER: The Straw Hat Pirates have fun together.

The chapter starts from where the previous chapter ended. Kaido comments on how weird Luffy’s Devil Fruit is. It allows him to manipulate his body more freely and turn his surroundings into rubber, just like the way a Paramecia-type Awakened Devil Fruit works, but it also gives him the same enhancements and transformations that are only limited to a region-type Devil Fruit.

While Kaido was speaking, Luffy jumped in front of him using different terrain. Kaido tries to bite him, but Luffy defends himself by inflating his limbs and muscles.

Luffy then enters Kaido and continues to jump inside, causing his body to inflate, using “go, go, no balloon”, forcing Kaido to inflate himself as well.

Meanwhile, Yamato and Momonosuke return to the surface to check their fighting poses, where they discover Kaido with his swollen body.

Kaido was shocked when Luffy’s hand popped out of his eyes. Luffy pulled himself out of Kaido’s body using Kaido’s nose as a prop. Yamato and Momonosuke were both surprised by what they saw. Luffy starts releasing all the excess air from his body, pushing him into the clouds. Then, in an amazing double page, a giant Luffy appeared from it, astonishing everyone on the surface of the skull.

One Piece 1045

Kaido bites Luffy again, but this time Luffy grabs his horns and body and starts using it as a jump rope. Kaido counterattacks using the “Breath of the Polo”, expelling him from the island.

  • Kaido: Fire breath!!!
  • Luffy: Awesome!!
  • Yamato: Oh no! The same fire was a clean blow!!
  • Luffy: Unforgivable!

Then, in order to get back to the island, Luffy started running through the air in a playful way. Kaido greets him again by smashing Luffy’s head into the dome of the skull with the phrase “Conqueror of the Three Realms: Ragnarako”. Everyone in Skull including Lou, Kid, Chopper, Nami and Utama are shocked when they see Luffy’s huge head with protruding eyes. Their eyes also stand out.

Kaido said his strength is like a storyboard. He even said it was an interesting “show”.

When Luffy loses all his energy, he realizes that the reason is that before he dies and this form consumes a lot. Kaido encourages him to rest in peace, and that someone will talk about this battle in the future (similar to what he said to Odin when he was ready to die), but Luffy argues that if he dies here, everyone will convert.

Yamato: This is actually Luffy!! He looks completely different now with his hair and clothes all white like that!

One Piece 1045

Momonosuke claims that Luffy’s “voice” will fade soon. Luffy thinks he can’t lose here and repeats four names: “Momo, Tama, Kinemon, and Pedro” while doing something. Kaido realizes what this thing is and tells Luffy that he will die, but Luffy keeps doing it, shouting “Raise the heart!” and restore its shape.

Yamato: Watch out, Luffy!

Kaido hits Luffy with repeated kanabo attacks, but due to his rubbery nature and alertness, his body simply moves with the current, as if he was playing with Kaido.

Kaido: (What’s going on with this guy…
Everything turns white…
He coats himself with weapons and Conqueror Haki…to bring about changes in the surroundings…I’ve never seen a battle style so unrelated)
The ability to drop me does not exist

The last two pages of the chapter show Luffy punching Kaido with his fist, penetrating Kaido’s face

Which makes him fall to the ground.

Luffy: This is so much fun!! Kaido!

One Piece 1045


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