One Piece manga episode 1049 full leak

One Piece manga episode 1049 full leak

Chapter 1049 Title: (The world we should want.

On the cover: Someone burns the prison book Neji and Yoongi are in. (How did I burn the book and who did it!?)

. The Episode begins with Luffy and Kaido’s attacks colliding, and the fiery dragon opens its mouth to counter Luffy’s giant fist.

Kaido congratulates Luffy on reaching this point in his fight against himself. However, he tells Luffy that there is no way to change the world.

One Piece manga episode 1049 full leak

A new flashback begins for Kaido, this time from his childhood (about 49 years before the present of the story).

The people of the Kaido Kingdom were shocked to see that the strongest soldier in their kingdom was just a 10-year-old boy. Also, Kaido seemed to have the ambition to go even further.

vodka kingdom 46 years ago

The kingdom cannot stop participating in wars as they must earn enough money to pay the Teneriubi “heavenly gold”. If they don’t, they lose all human rights they have.

Kaido (he was thirteen at the time) wonders why he should obey these “Tinirirubito” and people ask him to keep quiet for fear of being heard.

One Piece manga episode 1049 full leak

In the royal palace we see Kaido in chains and surrounded by a number of marines. The King of the Vodka Kingdom told him that he had been recruited by them and that he must now work as a Marine.

– Gaidu refuses to be a burden to the government and the king chooses that it is a heavy burden for the kingdom and they can no longer deal with it.

– One of the Marines tells the king that Kaido got the right to participate in the river fruit as soon as he was handed over to the Vodka Kingdom, Kaido interrupts angrily, saying that it is not a political performance.

Kaido escapes the navy ship and gets a reward | 70 Million Billy (You can see the suffix confirming his name is “Kaido” D. In the following years Kaido was captured by the navy several times, but he was on the run. Actually, Kaido, when he let himself be captured, he gave permission. It was Ganga and he used ships The captives were cafes or restaurants as if they were like – they die two years later (phile is six from now) and provides the event to the pirate island “Hashitsu” in the new world

One Piece manga episode 1049 full leak

– There is Kaido (age 15, he defeats every pirate standing in front of him. Young white-bearded asks if he is thinking of becoming a pirate and says that “The Rocks” is waiting to meet him – Later we see Kaido join us. Rocks pirates and they are now incomprehensible team

– Some deaths pass and we see Big Mom tell Kaido that something important has happened and they must go to “God Valley” back and forth (this happens to an elephant 38 or less from the current time of the story, Kaido was about 21 years old)

Then we’ll see what happens after the “Valley of God” incident. The Hashinsou pirates learn that the rock crew has disbanded, but they can’t believe it. They say the person who eliminated/defeated them was a Marine named Garp.

Other hackers, | crew, the concept of “teamwork” doesn’t appear in the brains of these monsters.

Again we see Big Mom, a very angry young woman searching for Kaido. She seems to have gone without showing him her face.

It’s been 10 years since the “Valley of God” event (28 years before the events of the current story, when Kaido was 31). Kuruzumi Higurashi visits Kaido’s base.

Higurashi tells Kaido that he is “the embodiment of strength” and that brute force has been the solution to everything throughout history. After all, people | “Animals” and only the strongest survive. nature

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– Again we pass by and see Kaido talking to his followers in his castle (this scene seems to have happened after Odin’s death).

Kaido: There are people born into nobles!! And those in power who guarantee peace!!!

Those who underestimate peace!!! Let’s drag them to the battlefield!!! This is the true meaning of the words “equality” and “freedom”!! A person’s worth can only be determined in “War”!!! ”

Manga One Piece Episode 1049 full leak

Kaido spoke to King and told him he didn’t know how. | But Yamano began calling Joy Boy’s name, telling him he believed Oden’s desire to “open the borders of the state” was preparation for Joy Boy’s arrival.

Kaido: “If this guy is who you’ve been waiting for… I think I know who he is.”

King: “..? who is this”

– Going back to the present, the surviving CP0 member flew away from Otigash using Gebo (Moon Steps) in mid-air.

– Momonosuke looks at Luffy and Kaido’s attack and tells him that Luffy will dwarf Yamato. He tells him not to be afraid, and Momonosuke continues to try to create “clouds of flame”.

The people of the capital of flowers continue to celebrate the festival. Inside the Onega Shima Castle, we see life continue to extinguish the fire and defeat everyone.

Sanji saves Osumi and wonders where the water came from. Franky tells the samurai to be careful not to go with the current.

Franky the samurai must be careful not to walk away from him

– With Denjiro Hyori telling you he did a great job, putting up with years of suffering to get to this moment.

Kaido’s ‘fire clouds’ disappear and the island begins to fall

– Your fire dragon Kabdu slowly manages to close his mouth and makes progress against Luffy’s attack, Luffy is suffering too.

Manga One Piece Episode 1049 full leak

Kaido: “Tell me Straw Hat!! What kind of world can you create!!?”

Luffy: “!! Me” – Momonosuke managed to create a giant “flame cloud” | He stops Legasima’s fall and drives the island away from the battlefield

– At that moment, Luffy regained his position and started to advance and managed to get past the fire dragon and crashed into Kaido while answering his question.

Luffy: “I will fly a world with my friends..!!! They can eat until their hearts are filled with happiness!!! This is the world I want!!!! ”

Luke’s fist allows Kabdu to slam into the ground at high speed and with great power. The influence is so strong that Kaido is deeply rooted in the Wanokuni land. He also seems to have lost one of his horns.

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Manga One Piece Episode 1049 full leak

– At that moment, you see the end of the conversation about Joy Boy that took place between Kaido and King years ago.

Kaido King, I know who Joy Boy is

King – who is he?

Kaido: “The man who can beat me in the future!!!”

King: Like this.. I guess it will never appear

– People’s desires keep flying: “I want to be my father Amy”| “Please someone defeat that terrible dragon.” “I hope the Kozu-gi clan returns.”

– On the last page, we see that Onega Shima managed to descend into the land of Wanokuni without much damage, Momonosuke fell to the ground from there, and the faithful descended from the sky with their eyes closed.


No episodes next week (stopped by author)

one piece (in japan: ワンピース balomagy: Wan Pīsu), a series japanese manga Written and drawn Iichiro Room. The manga has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since August 4, 1997;

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