One piece manga chapter 1044 leaks

The first reaction from the leak of the manga One Piece Chapter 1044 One Piece


Chapter 1044 Initial Written Leak, Additional Leaks Will Be In The Coming Hours

Chapter 1044 Title: “The Liberation Warrior”.

– Some of Luffy’s allies (Sanji, Kid, Lo, Hyogoro, and Marco) feel his presence and that he is still alive.

– Conversation of the Gurusi in the castle of Marie Gewas.

– The world government has always tried to get the “Gomu Gomu no Mi” fruit, but they couldn’t do it 800 years ago.

– It looks as if this fruit is running away from them.

– A member of the Gurusi says it’s not crazy, because the zon fruit has a mind of its own.

– The Gorusi says that “Gomu Gomu no Mi” is actually a zon type fruit, and that its real name is the legendary “Hito Hito no Mi” (human fruit) – the form of “Nika”.

– In the class we also see a part of Hiyori and Orochi.

Luffy has awakened his fruit and now feels complete. It’s ‘Geeeeeeeeeeer 5’.

– Luffy vs Kaido.

Luffy pulls Kaido from the rooftop and brings him upstairs, then brutally attacks him.

Luffy grabs the ground and turns it into rubber to return Kaido’s attack (Dragon’s Breath) to Kaido.

There is a chapter next week

extra leaks

Luffy decided to call the Awakened Fruit Gear Fifth and say, “This is the highest point of my power…!! Gear Five.”

– Luffy can jump very high, and looks like the silhouette of Neka seen before. His body was still as flexible as rubber




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