One piece manga chapter 1044 full leaks

One-piece manga chapter 1044 full leaks

Chapter 1044: Liberation Warrior

Cover photo: Ofen left the Book of Prisoners (open to the pages of Neji and Yoongi) in
A room with some of his brothers/sisters (Prem; Kato; Brownie and Inanna). As Ovin says goodbye
His brothers/sisters are preparing to start all kinds of investigations about Neji and Yoongi’s bodies
(using knives, saws, hammers, lasers…).

The chapter begins with Luffy speaking; Although we can’t see it up close. Voice
Drums are booming. Luffy: ‘What happened? I…why?…how can I get up then?’
I lost. Suddenly I feel so happy

hahaha!! “As Luffy is speaking, we see in a distant shot that black lightning is coming out of his body.
Luffy.Zunisha is still with the World Government ships at sea near Wanokuni. look
Momonosuke to the roof of Onigashima; He is very upset and even shivering. Momo: ”’Aerial
Boy…!? You mean Luffy!? ”!

Yamato: “Is that… what Zunisha said!!?” In the ‘Hall of Pleasure’ in the left tower of the skull;
We see that some take care of Sanji (as he is lying on a futon). Suddenly ; Sanji gets up because
Feels something and looks up. Some: “’Eh! Kyah!!’ Sanji: ‘…! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

on the living floor; Luffy’s allies are also feeling something. Kid.looks “lua” and
“Hyogoro.” Kid: “What!?” Hyogoro: “Ah… is that a straw hat…!?
‘Marco also senses something and tells him Nami and Tama; who are crying while embracing.
Marco: ‘Straw Hat…!? Hey! Still breathing. Nami: ‘Is Luffy alive?’

Tama: “Is it really really!? Aniki…!!!

One-piece manga chapter 1044 full leaks

We now move to the Holy Land of Marijuana, to the ”Power Chamber” in the castle of Pangea.
Gurusi continues to talk about the situation in Wanokuni. Someone wonders if it’s
Deserves the loss of a great agent and the wrath of Kaido. Al-Jerosi replies with the fact that it’s worth it

Especially considering the future it might lead to

Swordsman Gorosi: ”The World Government” is trying to keep Gomo Gomo no Mi with them
In every age … but ; Somehow ; Fruit always slips away, and 800 years have passed…!!
Gorosei with a big beard and moustache: It’s as if the ‘Devil Fruits’ are trying
escape from them.”

Gyrorosi with a spot on his head: “Possible, because we know that zonal fruits have special brains
And that fruit has a name. The other name for “Gomu Gomu no Mi” is… ‘””””””Hito”
Hito no Mi ” (Human Fruit – Human) Legendary Zone … “Nika” model,1

One-piece manga chapter 1044 full leaks

As the Gorosi says, in a wonderful and epic double page we see the silhouette of Luffy
With a full moon in the background. His silhouette is identical to Nika (without weapons in his hands).
Although we only see a black silhouette; It is clear that Luffy is laughing.
in addition to ; The drums continue to sound.

Luffy: ‘Ahahahahahahahaha!!’ Gorosi continues as he shows a close-up of the photo.
Silhouettes of Luffy’s face. He laughs. Gorosi: “His body has the properties of rubber. He can

Fighting any way he pleases… He made people smile wherever he went. He is the ‘Liberation Warrior’;
Also known as…”Nika”. Sun god.

Jyrosi: Awakening will give the rubber body more “strength” and “freedom”.
That… it’s the most bizarre force in the world!! !!

Cut to the “Treasures Hall” on the second floor of Onigashima Castle. Orochi remains
Trapped under the rubble. Orochi: “Hey… Hiyori!! I appreciate Oden too…

I was. being used by Kaido? Let’s escape from here together, Now remove the original…

Hyori: “My dad kept his right promise? He believed in the promise you and Kaido made
On Editing “Wanokuni”. For 5 years my dad used to dance in a funny way…
Even against his family!! My father kept his promise!! He believed in the promise to release them all


He even endured a watch burning in boiling oil He was always laughing even if I kidnapped
The life of an ewas ntire country. My father has endured all this pain alone!!! We see little memories between Odin
and Hiroi.

Oden: “What’s wrong, Hiyori—-?”‘Hyori: “Dad; Are you ok with every body
Is he talking badly about you?” “Oden: Yes, I’m fine with her. Why do you ask…? That’s because…!
Not by my side, guys!! ‘Hyori: Really Then let’s stay together forever,”

back to the present; Orochi is now speaking. Orochi: ‘Oh yeah!! Oden was like
This great samurai!! As a ‘shogun’, I will honor your father… ‘Hyori:


Hyori takes off her mask and yells angrily at Orochi while crying from

Pain. Hiyori: My name is ‘Kuzuki Hiyori’!!! Shut up, you rude man

Hiyori: “Even sometimes when I have an empty stomach and I wear a broken robe
I live proudly after my father’s name! You should be in the ‘shogun’ even for a day
Only one!! You pathetic idiot!! The more foolish you are, the more innocent lives will perish in vain!!
“Orochi is very scared after Hiyori’s words.

Orochi: You won’t do me a thing; Isn’t it!!?Revenge is not very popular in

Nowadays!! Even if you kill me, you have no chance of defeating Kaido!! Suddenly, she came back

A small copy of the Kazenpo in Kangoro to where Orichi and Hiroi are. Kasinpo in
Kanjuro: “Orochi-sama.

Kazenpo Kanjuro: ‘I… Fai… drove…’ Orochi: “Kangoro!? Back in time
the appropriate !! This turns the tables!! Burn that woman to death!!! What a comedy!
Tragic! The remains of ‘Kuzuki’ have you seen it? This is the strongest ‘luck’!!!

Kazenpo in Kanjuro: ”Orochi-sama…” Orochi: ”Eh!? Hey! What’s right?
Hell are you doing!! ”Casinbo shrugs off
Kanjuro’s words were Orochi and instead of going to Hiyori; The matter goes to Orochi;
which begins to burn violently.

Orochi: “Kangoro is stupid; what did you do!!! Hiyori; help me!!!” Hiyori:
‘Kuzuki’s house…always delivers on its promises!!'”Back to the rooftop of Onigishima; We see
Again a silhouette of Luffy with a full moon in the background background.

Luffy: “…I feel like I can do anything I want…!!my heartbeat feels so fun
Very! This is my highest peak…!! This is… “Lime Five!!!”

back to the immediate floor; A huge explosion of the supreme color King Haki comes from above.
Lots of black lightning pierces the ceiling and Kaido’s subordinates start to lose consciousness with
Foam in the mouth. Kaido looks worried on the surface. Kaido: ‘What’s on the roof…!!!’

in a large color image; We see that the ceili

ng seems to collapse and Luffy’s arm arm appears from
the pit. The arm is huge and grips Kaido’s dragon-shaped body without difficulty. everyone looks

To the scene in shock. Kid: ‘Straw Hat…!?’ Chopper (crying): ‘Loyal D

Luffy pulls Kaido up (Kaido’s eyes pop out like a cartoon) and pulls him
easily to the surface. Then Luffy increases his muscle mass (as in the leaked image) and begins to
Rotation of Kaido’s body. Kaido’s face again looks like a cartoon; and his eyes
They stand out again.

Luffy stops spinning and starts hitting Kaido back and forth on the ground; until he leaves him
Luffy. Kaido wakes up dizzy; With a bump on its head and little stars sticking out of it (once
Others such as animation). Luffy can’t stop laughing

Luffy: ”Huh. hahahahahahahaha!! Kaido: “…!! Straw Hat…!! you are alive
…!! Thank you.” “Same Polo”!!!’ Loyal: “Ahahaha!! Eh?


Luffy (who has returned to his normal form) is lying on the ground crying nonstop; but when
He sees Kaido’s “breath of polo” and shrieked in surprise. His eyes also appear as caricatures;
But she’s more than Kaido (Luffy acts like Jim Carrey in ‘The Mask’).

Luffy grabs the floor with his hands and stretches it out; Which makes the earth turn rubber. bumped
“Breathe Polo” from Kaido with the ground; But since it is now rubbery; she does not
Destroy and block the attack. Luffy returns to his muscular form and pulls the plot; Than
It causes ‘Breath of Bolo’ to bounce back to Kaido.

There is a huge explosion. We finally see Luffy’s entire body clearly. His physical appearance is the same
Almost as always; Although his shirt is now white instead of
Black (we’ll see the actual color Oda gives the shirt).

His hair now looks like a flame ‘steam collar’ around his neck and under his armpits (as in the shape of a lime
4). His eyebrows are now furrowed (similar to Sanji) and his pupils have changed (see photo
Leaked to see Luffy’s face).

Luffy laughs nonstop again while Kaido stands up. Introducing “Gear V”
Officially. Luffy: “Ahahayayaya!!” Kaido: “…!! am sorry for what happened earlier;  was stupid
…!! I didn’t want to win like this.” Luffy looks at Kaido with determination and a smile on his face
His face. Luffy: Don’t mention that!! Let’s finish this!!! ”End of chapter.

There is a chapter next week




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