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LeBron James, Lakers quarrel with their fans in a miserable loss

Lakers fans are tired of the team’s losing streak, opting to voice their displeasure on Sunday.

Fans booed the Lakers during their 123-95 loss to the Pelicans at the Arena

Additionally, the footage appears to show LeBron James and Trevor Ariza’s reaction to the angry audience.

The beleaguered team’s goalkeeper, Russell Westbrook, stated after the match that he would not carry hate with him that night.


“No,” Westbrook said. “Can you take him home?” For any reason? St. Should I take it home? In my house, I have three wonderful children. Why would I want to bring it home? They can take their $$ home if they frown. This is not something I am concerned about. It doesn’t bother me in the least.”

Sunday’s loss was the Lakers’ ninth in 12 games, dropping the record to 27-33. With 22 games remaining in the season, Los Angeles’ lead in last place in the championship fell to 212 games.

“We have a big lead ahead against the Dallas Clippers again on Thursday and Golden State on Saturday,” James said. “And we still have 10 away games this month or in March, so it hasn’t been easier for us.”

With the time remaining in the game, James got off the floor and made his way into the tunnel, saying that the solution to the Lakers’ problems was simply to win and examine how the team did it.

“It all starts with victory.” “This is where it all begins,” he explained. “Try to come out of that slack and win, and then learn from that win what you did well and what you didn’t do well.” That’s where you always start from, how you can try to get into one game after another situation.”

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Westbrook went on to say that he feels the Lakers can change the story of the season by working harder than their opponents, a strategy he claims the team’s opponents are doing.

“Teams come in and play harder, and I think that’s kind of their scouting report: just play harder than them and see what happens,” Westbrook explained. “It also works. It will continue to happen to us unless we decide and have the decision that we will not tolerate, especially on our own land.”

However, this may not be enough to address the wide range of difficulties the Lakers face. The Pelicans scored 25 points as a result of 23 turns in their loss to New Orleans. In a fatal foul, DeAndre Jordan fired a wide pass to Wayne Ellington which was intercepted by court-side supporters.

The Lakers went 7 for 34 of three points, for 41.7 percent of the total field goal. The team trailed by more than 30 points when boos erupted from the stands.

“We’re balls well out of the perimeter of the basket, the paint is clogged, and we’re trying to power inside – with the pass, with the rebounding – and that leads to a lot of errors,” Lakers coach Frank Vogel said. “Defensively, we’re not progressing well. So we didn’t do well in either end (Sunday).”

This article is from New York Post


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