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How to keep your SEO clients engaged: 8 communication

How to keep your SEO clients engaged: 8 communication touchpoints

Take the time to go through your communication strategy to ensure that your projects stay on schedule and your clients are satisfied.

Even if you or some of your clients wish it were, SEO is not a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor.

However, in order for the project to be successful, all partners must be involved from start to completion.

That implies that communication is essential. Having a plan in place for how you will interact with your clients during the engagement is a critical component of SEO project management.

When things go wrong, it’s often not the job that’s at fault; it’s the customer connection.

This is true for all initiatives, not just marketing ones.

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), one out of every five projects fails to owe to insufficient communication.

A robust communication plan, in our experience dealing with customers, keeps projects on schedule. Furthermore, having regular touchpoints may elevate your brand and service, resulting in happy clients all around.

Here are eight communication touchpoints you may incorporate into your customer interactions.

1. What happens in a kick-off call

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have an effective launch call. Even if you already know what to do — and even if you’ve had several talks leading up to the client’s agreement — you still need the launch call.

Everyone involved in the project (both yours and the clients) learns about the scope of the work and what to expect. How frequently will you meet? What are the expected turnaround timeframes for deliveries and approvals? This is your opportunity to lay out these procedural elements during the inaugural meeting.

Expectations are critical to the success of any undertaking. Before beginning work, the project team must grasp the client’s expectations and vice versa.

2. SEO course online

Training your clients on SEO is an excellent approach to maintain the lines of communication open as you discuss the specifics of their projects.

How would they know what questions to ask if they don’t even know what a meta tag is? Speaking the same language is critical, therefore ensure that all project participants receive consistent training. The SMX Master Classes series might be an excellent first step in this direction.

Even if your clients are already well-versed in SEO, your training is still important since it supports your SEO methodology – no two SEO suppliers work in the same manner.


SEO training also helps clients become acquainted with all aspects of your SEO services. They’ll understand, for example, that you’re not simply waving a magic wand behind the scenes, and *poof* rankings emerge. Education increases the client’s perceived value.

Keeping your training distinct from your usual calls will help you to focus on the project task. Otherwise, you will spend more time explaining ideas than you anticipated on each touch-base call.

3. Project status meeting agenda

Standing meetings are dreaded by some, yet they are necessary for project management. They don’t have to be meaningless either.

It is essential for the project to have some structure and consistency, otherwise, it will break apart.

Make sure you have an agenda ready to go for each meeting ahead of time so the customer knows what to anticipate on the call.

Then take only as much time as you require. Make certain that everyone’s issues or questions are addressed, and that their future actions are clearly defined. After the call, you may provide meeting notes so that everything is documented and everyone has a record.

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4. What are one-off emails?

Have you ever gotten an email from a service provider with a helpful message just because they believed it would be useful to you? Remember the impression it made? These small gestures may go a long way towards establishing your customer connections.

Consider how you can stay in touch with your customer outside of your regularly planned appointments. Perhaps something happened in the SEO sector that is relevant to your customer. Or perhaps something in their sector occurred that could have an influence on their SEO.

Send them a concise email with the specifics, why it matters, and how it may affect them.

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5. in-house examples

Send it to your customer whenever you generate a helpful resource that they could find beneficial. Consider ebooks, seminars, films, or any other type of content marketing product.

Sure, you could send an email to all of your clients with a link to the ebook you created. However, a more personal touch would be to send it along with a handwritten letter to choose clients who are grappling with the subject in the ebook.

6. project progress report example

Your SEO reports are a more formal client-communications must-have.

Make a plan for when and how you will report your progress. And make sure the client understands when to expect it. For instance, it may look like this:

  • Frequently: Between conversations, keep the customer up to date on the status of agreed-upon tasks.
  • Monthly: Create a report outlining the month’s progress. This is normally done in four-week sprints.
  • Quarterly: Create a report that highlights quarterly successes and challenges, as well as quarter-over-quarter improvement.
  • Project completion: Write a summary that contains an overview of the project’s wins, losses, and future actions.
  • Yearly: Show year-end growth and year-over-year success if you have long-term clientele.

7. Customer feedback tools

Allow your SEO clients to provide feedback on how they believe the project is progressing, what is working, what isn’t working, and how you can improve at some point throughout the engagement.

Send out a survey to your clients and make their responses anonymous if you believe you’ll only obtain honest feedback if you do it anonymously. This is the NPS scoring format.

You may do this at regular times during the engagement (preferred), or you can wait until the project is completed. What you learn from this feedback may be incorporated into future customer encounters.

8. blog post

Make sure your clients are aware of your blog! Better better, when they initially engage, ask if you can add them to the subscriber list.

It’s not unusual for clients to never read your company blog and so lose out on this fantastic resource. Once they’ve subscribed, your blog posts act as a convenient touchpoint to assist keep your business at the forefront of their minds.

As a result, make this a resource that you are certain your clients are aware of.

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Use communications to uplevel your service

High performers, according to PMI, generate formal communications strategies for nearly twice as many projects. Take the time to assess your communication plan in order to include as many touchpoints as feasible in your SEO project management.


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